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How to make Robots.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file to indicate search engines that certain part of your website is not to be index.

The simple robots.txt file is build of three items:

  1. Comments: Lines start with character # is considered as comments. You could write comments on the top of the file. Please see the below example for further detail.
  2. User-agent: The User-agent specifies the name of the search engine robot. You could either specify the name of the specific search engine robot or use the wildca....                           Click For More... 
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Google providing car insurance quotes in latest expansion
Google is helping California drivers shop for car insurance as part of a new service that could foreshadow the Internet company's latest attempt to shake up a long-established industry. The feature unveiled ...
Google can now help you buy the best car insurance
Google Compare for Auto launched on Thursday, pushing the tech company further into realms that extend the power of its search engine.
Scammers Hide Malware in Google Books
Google is fairly thorough about cleaning malware-infected apps out of the Play Store, but scammers are equally tenacious in finding new and exciting ways to rook unsuspecting customers. The latest scheme involves hiding links to cracked, probably infected apps in otherwise safe Google Books, a method that deftly skirts the line between providing a safe product and encouraging consumers to use ...
Google Researchers Make Quantum Computing Components More Reliable
Researchers from a university and Google demonstrate a crucial error-correction step needed to make quantum computing practical. A solution to one of the key problems holding back the development of quantum computers has been demonstrated by researchers at Google and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Many more problems remain to be solved, but experts in the field say it is an ...
Why Google's really getting into wireless: Analyst
Google wants to become a wireless carrier, and that might end up making your cellphone bill a lot cheaper, according to a top tech analyst.
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